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About Us

Who we are

About Fixonclick

Who We Are?

Fixonclick is an initiative taken up by a group of Dexterous Individuals to simplify day-to-day issues and job requirements by few clicks. With the concept of reducing hassle of finding the right Service Provider for a Customer at the right time, Fixonclick is the One-Stop-Shop platform for all service needs. At FixOnClick, we believe that everyone and every home deserves to have access to top-rated and reliable Service Providers.

At the same time, we are empowering the SME Services based industry of Middle East, starting from UAE, by providing them managed services along with futuristic tools for growth and market analysis to make effective decisions NOW.

What is FixOnClick?

Ever wondered why people say it is difficult to find a Plumber/ Electrician/ Carpenter/ Car Mechanic/ Photographer or any Service related professional who is reliable and can do a quality job?

Every second, thousands of people search the Internet for Service Providers in their area, only to end up with a lousy experience due to limited information. There’s many reasons why the current search directories don't work up to your expectations:

  • They are paid listings and only promote providers who pay them.
  • The ratings and reviews available there are fake/ not reliable.
  • Once you leave your contact number on such a site, you get bombarded with unwanted and irrelevant calls which makes your life hell.

Moreover, you still don't have a clue about who to use as there is no guarantee of the quality of work, fair pricing and the Provider coming on time to do the job. This got us thinking, why this process has to be so cumbersome. Why can’t we buy local services the way we buy products from e-commerce sites with a click?

Enter FixOnClick!

A service matching application, which takes the guesswork out of hiring Service Providers by providing its members with unbiased ratings and reviews for both Service Providers and Customers.

FixonClick provides Customers with a One-Stop-Shop platform that gives Customers confidence for their Service needs. It is a trusted resource for Customers looking to find the best local Service Providers in Categories such as Car repair, General Maintenance, Events, Personal Services, Business Services and more just waiting to be resolved on few CLICKS. By listing 70+ Services and growing every day we save you time, money and hassle by bringing qualified Service Providers to your doorstep. We do this so that you can spend your time following your passions and doing things you actually love rather than running around for ordinary tasks.

Service Providers Enter FixOnClick!

We help local Service Providers find quality Customers and differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace. The FixOnClick business model empowers the young or experienced SME entrepreneurs to get a clear market analysis to do better business by effectively managing and planning their resources through our e-commerce portal.

Why FixOnClick?

UAE is at an interesting upward turning point in terms of technological space where recurrently new aspects of technology are emerging, closing the gap on what used to be done traditionally. The application is built on a complete cloud based architecture and is accessible from anywhere in the world.

Instead of focusing on traditional marketing techniques, our Marketing plan is rejuvenated with the inclusion of networked marketing strategies and the use of state-of-the-art marketing techniques as offered by the industry leaders in online marketing.

FixOnClick has a business structure which is flexible enough to indulge with the futuristic market trends that are based on evolution rather than tradition.

Registration is free, easy and gives you the ability to promote your business not only on the FixOnClick website, but also all over the internet with our extensive SEO implementation tool.

Our Mission

is to make it incredibly easy for Customers to hire remarkable local Service Providers, and we want to improve and empower the Service SME’s by providing them a state of the art resource planner (part of ERP), CRM and SEO facility. Long term plans include training, organizational development tools and further business envisioning.