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5 Hair Problems and Their Solutions

Men or women, your eyes go straight up to their heads and on the hair. That look can make the other person uncomfortable at times. And little guilty of the hair problems that they are facing. Problems like split-ends, dandruff, grey hair, oil scalp are natural but the constant heat exposure can cause dullness to your hair and even you don’t feel good about that. All these lead to hair-fall in both the genders and o boy! You don’t want that. Do you?

Irrespective of your hair color, type, texture, length, volume, you do face a hair problem at some stage of your life.

Well here we are going to talk about five main hair problems faced by both the genders in all the societies and provide you with solutions according to those problems.


Those white specks you find on your shoulders, they become pretty visible when you wear a black or any other dark color. Yes, we are talking about dandruff. Almost every other man and a woman suffers from this problem. This is caused by scalp dryness. At first, they are attached to your hair roots or scalp but slowly start to fall off on your clothes. Poor diet, relaxed metabolism, hair infection is few of the reasons that cause dandruff or dry scalp. You can control your dandruff by using essential oil or a mixture of essential oils, which ever suit you, regularly. The tip is to massage your scalp 15-20 minutes before you shower and avoid hot water. Excessive use of hot water also causes scalp dryness and hair dullness. You can also try anti-dandruff shampoo for quick relief from the dandruff.

Hair Fall

Dandruff leads to weak roots hence hair fall. It can be so stressful. This stress, medication or age causing effect on hormones can also lead to hair fall. Other than these factors, excessive exposure to hair dryers, gels and creams leads to hair dryness and brittleness and causes great damage to your hair as well. Use oils which suit you best. You can mix few drops in your oil and massage your scalp with it and can also use Tea Tree Oil shampoo. You can also go for herbal shampoos or Sulphur-free shampoos. If you are still not satisfied then you can take out juice of a pulpy onion and apply it on your roots/ scalp for an hour and wash it with any good herbal shampoo. You can mix rose water to get rid of onion smell. This remedy will be effective if you continue to use it for more than 2-3 week.

Split Ends

A hair problem which specifically women have to face is ‘split-ends.’ Well it doesn’t even let you have fine long hair. Whenever you plan to let them grow, you are welcomed by split-ends. They make your hair dull as well. To save your hair from split ends you can go for monthly hair trim or after every 8-12 weeks. You should also oil your hair regularly. The trim will also give your hair a healthy look. Oil helps you moisten your hair, hence controlling 90% of your dry hair problem. You can also go for hair masks. There is a wide range of hair products specifically for split ends. But if you want to save your hair from artificial products then you can try egg and vinegar hair mask. Three eggs, two tablespoons of olive oil and one teaspoon of vinegar will make a good hair mask. The quantity of the ingredients can be altered according to the length of your hair. Use this mask regularly and try to avoid hot water because hot water brings dryness to hair.

Frizzy Hair

Your frizzy hair after a shower can be a lot on your nerves to manage. Some even have natural frizz but frizzy hair is hard to manage. Frizz in the hair is caused when natural moisture of the hair falls below the normal level. But this frizz can also be because of genetic inheritance but it does not mean that it can't be taken care of. For frizzy hair, we would strongly recommend good frizz free shampoo and conditioner to use after the wash. Try glycerin-based shampoos, they help you in maintaining moisture. Use of coconut oil in your daily life will also save you from frizz. Try to avoid hair drier but if you must use it then towel dry your hair properly and then use the drier.

Improper Diet

Last but not the least, healthy diet. Yes, we all want this but to get them we have to and must take care of our eating habits. Starting from a good food in-take, healthy diet is not only important to remain fit and healthy but it shows a positive effect on our skin, nails and hair altogether. Right amount of clean and healthy food is more important than good shampoos and oil. Add seasonal fruits in your list also. Drink lots of water and fresh fruit juices. Green detox juices will also help in giving you hair full of glow. These juices and smoothies can be made easily at home. All you have to do is get a good juicer for home and fresh fruits. Hair and nails multi vitamins are also easily available at the pharmacies. You can do little research and get yourself a bottle of good vitamins.

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