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Advantages of Car Window Tinting

A sunny day would be best for an outing till the moment you get into your car. Your body would be grilled in the blazing heat because of the burning upholstery. Finding a parking in the shade is not always possible and sometimes you have to get in the car that has been parked in the heat for a couple of hours. That is why you need car window tinting. It protects you and the interior of your car from heating up to an extremity.

Window tinting comes in different varieties to cater the different solar penetration limits and tolerance. If it is carried out in a professional manner, it gives your car an aesthetic elegance and pleasing look. Even though most people consider tinting as a glamour makeover for their cars, it has got other immense benefits as well. Fixonclick has noted down some of the most important advantages of car window tinting. Read on to know!

Shields You from UV Rays

Getting exposed to vast amount of UV rays will result in causing numerous health issues like sunburn, premature aging and damage to the skin. UV rays are one of the causes of skin cancer. A professionally installed window tinting can protect you to a great extent, this is best for people like us who reside in UAE where most of the years we have hot sunny days.

Increases Privacy

One of the major advantage of Window tinting is the extensive amount of privacy that you can get inside the car. The window film has the capacity to act as an insulation and thereby preventing light from entering the interiors. Hence making it difficult for prying eyes of people who want to see what is inside your car.

Surplus Cooling and Comfort

A major benefit of car window tinting is that it reduces the heat in your car. While a regular glass window can only filter out 30% of the sun's heat, a professionally installed window tint can do the job up to 80%. Thus you will be rewarded with luxuriously cool conditions inside your car even during hot summers. This in turn will increase your fuel economy by pulling down the need to use your air conditioners.

Touch of Safety

A window tinting acts as a protection for preventing the glass from shattering in case of an accident. The tint film is a laminate, and when applied to the cars` window, it holds the glass window together and provides an entirely sealed unit. Even if the window breaks the film holds the glass firmly and it doesn’t shatter to pieces.

Security Boost

It is common for burglars to break into cars from which they get a glimpse of some valuables which is placed inside the car. Once a window tint is installed, a vehicle owner can leave in peace even if he has forgotten or placed something of great value inside their car. Once the window tinting has been applied, nothing of the insides can be deciphered by an onlooker.

Makes Driving Safer

Window tinting helps the drivers to shield their eyes from the sun's glare. It also blocks the entry of extremely bright light that can have potential effect to blind a driver and make driving difficult.

Improves Resale Value

Vehicles with tints are proved to be sold at a higher price. Mainly because people tend to prefer window tinted automobiles as they could spare the effort of getting it installed. Moreover, car with window tints have better interior due to less damage due to heat. 

If you are planning to get your car tinted, find the best applicators of car window tinting in Dubai and UAE only at Fixonclick. Car tints with varying solar heat rejection and UV protection are available based on your choice of darkness of the tint so that you enjoy a cool and better ride. Download the Fixonclick App to get started NOW!

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Car Window Tinting

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