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10 Amazing Uses Of WD-40 Spray

Most of us have a can of WD-40 lying around in our store room, garage or kitchen cabinet. However, not many of us are aware of its uncountable benefits and uses. If you think that WD-40 is not used to kill some insects or to clean tough stains, then you have a lot to learn from this guide. Here you will find out a number of effective uses and the ways you can utilize the magical WD-40 can.

Remove Chewing Gum From Your Hair

Did your kids ever stick their chewing gum on your hair and you thought that the only solution is to cut your hair off? If so, here is an easier solution to get rid of that sticky chewing gum. With the WD-40 spray, you can easily pull out the tangled chewing gum from your hair and then wash them to remove the chemical as well. Just a single spray of WD-40 can make the chewing go away in a blink.

Stop Wasp Nests

One of the most frightening thing to see is wasp nests around your house. If you don’t get rid of the wasps, they will make more wasp nets inside your house. They will be all over your place giving you nightmares in the daylight. So, it's better to spray generously on the wasp nest. Wait an hour to ensure that all wasps are dead and then knock down the nest. Ensure that you are wearing gloves at the time of removal of the nest.

Get Away With Stuck Rings

It happens that you wear a ring for a long time and it gets stuck on your finger. It becomes painful to pull it out. But with WD-40 spray, you can easily spray on the ring which will help in pulling out the ring. You can rinse your finger afterwards.

Repel Insects And Exterminate Roaches

Are you tired of watching those unwanted cockroaches in your house? Or do you want to keep your home clean and tidy with no spiders, insects or cockroaches walking in your territory? If so, you must get the WD-40 spray to make your life better. Spray it on the insect directly, and it will instantly kill the insect. You can spray your ceiling or cabinet corners to stop the insects from making any colonies.

Clear Up Crayon

If your kids love to draw on walls and floor, do not stop them from unleashing their hidden creativity and talent just for the fear of tough stains. You may have been cleaning the walls with a sponge dipped in detergent and many a time ended up damaging the wall paint but here is the best solution. Directly spray the WD-40 can and voila, a clear wall is all you get. The crayon paint will be removed in no time.

Piano Keys

Somethings are hard to clean or maintain. Those little and closely arranged piano keys are one of the many places that consume a lot of time and still do not guarantee the best outcomes. However, with the WD-40 spray you can easily clear the dust off without any hassle.

Wipe Off the Tough Scuff Marks

In between the floor tiles and around the floor of the kitchen area you might fight stains and marks on the floor that are impossible to remove with ordinary detergents. So, for those marks, WD-40 acts as a solid detergent and beats them off your floors. You can have a shiny, sleek floor with a couple of sprays.

Clean Toilet Bowls

Cleaning toilet is a bit of stressful work. You use it a lot of times in a day depending on the people in the house and every day it gets worst and makes it difficult for you to maintain the hygiene. So, here is what you need. The WD-40 can have the potential to clear the lime stains and ugly gunk off from your toilet. You do not have to waste your energy in scrubbing the floor. Simply spray the can and leave it for a while. Comeback and brush the marks off. The toiler will be sparkling clean.

Clean Tea Stains

When something spills on your dress or on the brightly colored table mat of your house, you feel a rage of anger flowing through your body because you feel helpless to clean it off. However, when WD-40 is here, there is less to worry about. You can spray on the marks and clean it effectively, no matter how tough those stains are.

Wipe Off The Doggie-Doo

You can clean the doggy-doo from your shoes or marks from your doorsteps with WD-40. Its application beats off the doo and makes the rugs, shoe, and mats clean.

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