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Home Plants for DIY Pest Control

Over many years, the traditional technique of using scarecrows has kept the field intruders, birds and crows, at bay. Much like the same, there are many plants and herbs that can protect your plants from pesky flies, mosquitoes and other harmful bugs.

You can enjoy a refreshing feel from your mini garden or can plant as many flowers as you want without having fear of inviting bugs and flies. Select the right species of plants to carry out pest control in Dubai. Without further ado, keep your indoor air clean and hygienic by using the following long list of plants.


It does not only look good; it does good as well. The Lavender leaves repel flies, mosquitoes, moths, and fleas. It has been used over centuries and is a traditional hack to keep inside houses. Its sweet fragrance keeps your surrounding scented which is unpleasant for the bugs and flies. They cannot stand its smell and run away from the place. Experts extract its oil to produce mosquitos repellent and it assists in keeping an area pest free.


Petunias are the bright colored plants. It has a broad range of sizes and colors.Many plant architectures are available in its huge range of species. These plants are planted to repel beetles, squash bugs, and aphids. You have to keep them at sunny spots to get the direct sunshine. Either put them near the vegetable garden or its best to have a green box constructed.


Basil oil is the best remedy to kill mosquito’s eggs. They stop reproduction and forming of mosquitoes colonies around your garden. You have to put the basil in different pots surrounding your garden. Make a form of a barrier so that the mosquitoes do not enter. It will ward off flies as well. You can even put them inside your house. It will protect your rooms and corridors.

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Lemongrass is the most common plant that is found in many gardens and pathways. It produces a natural oil name citronella, which is the best repellent to ward off mosquitos. The extracted oil is also used to make many other forms of repellents and drugs. It needs a sunny and highly drained location to cultivate. Some of its species are also used in making chicken dishes and meals. In Asia, the use of lemongrass is found in salad dressing.


When it comes to repelling mosquitoes and flies, Rosemary comes as one of the most effective plant. It can ward off a huge variety of insects that could be dangerous to your vegetable plants. You can grow these plants in a patio and even trim them to give different shapes. Many of its species have the tendencies to grow larger leaves. With the help of its leaves, you can make some repellent sprays to protect yourself and your surrounding form bugs and fleas.


Mint leaves are best used for keeping the environment soothing with its sweet smell and to ward off fleas, flies, and mosquitoes. Mint plants grow rapidly so they tend to clear the environment way too fast than others. Mint leaves are also used in making many sodas, drinks, and smoothies. In Asia, mint leaves are used in garnishing many cooked dishes. As mint plants spread so quickly, you need to plan some precautionary measures before putting them in your garden. Mint leaves cannot only refresh you up but can light up your environment too. 

Lemon Thyme

Lemon Thyme much like Lemongrass is use for repelling mosquitoes. These herbs adapt to rocky or dry, thrive in herb garden and on shallow soil. You must put them surrounding your garden to form a veil for mosquitoes to enter. The lemon thyme is perfect to keep your environment safe and healthy. 


Allium includes many forms of vegetable plants from shallots fats to garlic, leeks to scallions and chives. These plants have long stems having purple and pink flowers. These plants are best used to protect vegetables from flies, fleas, bugs, and moths. Note that garlic, cloves and onions are dangerous for cats and dogs. So, keep your pets away. 

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