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10 Hacks to Do at Home this Valentine’s Day

This valentine's be a little different, be more romantic and creative. Valentine’s is the most special day to let your lover know how much you love him or her. Without spending much you can make many memorable moments and memories for each other. Instead of sticking your eyes on expenses gifts, you must think out of the box and plan to make your day a blast.

Schedule a Home Massage

Having a full body massage lying on your comfortable mattress is the most wonderful thing you can plan for your partner. Just when the massage oil droplets will fall on their skin, they will begin to feel the pressure flowing through their body. In such a small amount, you can be able to make the moment awesome.

Set the Mood

If you want to keep your partner happy throughout the day simply keep their tummy full. Food can do wonders and if you plan to prepare it by yourself, it will blow their mind off and they will not only gobble it down but will take plenty of pictures to brag in front of their friends. What you can do is make a yummy breakfast with a gigantic waffle or the tastiest milkshake. A breakfast without orange seems incomplete so you can go for some stuffed potatoes with orange juice.

A Hand-Made Card

You must have tried in the fifth grade when you had a crush on one of your teachers and you used to spend hours trying to create the perfect card for her. But now you can do that for your lover and this time it is surely going to be great and more creative. You must not spend hours on that card. Just gather some pretty decorative items and accessories some glitters and markers to make a pretty card for her. From every inch of that card, she can find a glimpse of your love. So, try not to buy the cad from the store instead make one on your own.


Well, it may sound dramatic but it can surely work. You must give some time to bring out your poetic side to please your lover. If you have some sort of inclination towards reading and composing poetry and think you can play good with words, you must give it a try. What you can do is to sit some place alone in your house and think about the right words and structures that can help you show devotion to your lover. You can seek inspiration from the internet as well but try not to copy paste the content. 

Don’t Break Your Wallet This Valentine’s Day

Create the Caveman Moment 

Despite having extra bright lighting in your house or a super-efficient heater to warm the surroundings, this valentine’s be the caveman of your girl. Create a quiet and warm setting by lighting up your chimney. Close all the lights and get close to nature. Let the cold wind peak through the windows and the heat of those burning woods warm you.

Spice up the moment by ordering some organic drinks served with lemon and ginger on the top. You can place a soft rug near the chimney and indulge in endless gossips with your loved one. At that moment, it’s only you and her to make the day the most memorable one of all. One more thing, to create the caveman setting does not apply if the weather is warm. You must not get melted on the very special day.

Play a Board Game

If you have got no plans to step outside the house, that’s great, because this valentine’s you can keep all your distraction aside. The moment you plan to go out you get indulged in every other thing instead of focusing on your lover. But this year take things in a different manner. Spend the day off and hidden inside the house. Play some cool board games, laugh, and smile throughout the day. You can even play hide and seek to relive your childhood self. It’s good to be a kid sometimes.

Dress Up Nice

No matter how messy you look throughout the year, its Valentine's and you must make some efforts to brush your hairs nicely and to dress up sexy. Choose the most stunning dress and spend time on your hairdo. Your mate would have gotten tired looking at your usual hairdos. So, its time you try some new styles to refresh your looks. You might have a busy routine, for just one day you can keep the aside. 

Get Some Red Roses

Buying red roses is the most common and cheapest thing you can do for your partner but undoubtedly and dependently it always works. Girls love to receive red roses. No, what you must do is to buy a couple of big red roses and put them on different places. Some on the dressing tables while others inside the bathtub. Giving her roses for more than one time in a day in different styles would please her immensely. A little advice for you, start giving roses starting from the breakfast till the time she prepares to fall asleep.

Nostalgia to its Peak

The easiest and successful tip is to take your partner to the place where you people first met or went on your first date. Sit on that very same bench and recall those moments. You will get a bundle of things, moments, and secrets to discuss which you were holding back at that time. You can relive those moments and enjoy your time to its fullest. 

Valentine’s is the best day to cherish moments with your loved one. You must not leave any chance of turning it into the most special day of your life. Get on Fixonclick app and look for many different options provides by professional service providers to please your lover. You can get in touch with the exceptional massage therapist or unlimited gift options. We, being the leading company to bring reliable suppliers closer to trust able buyers, will schedule your meetings or appointment and can assist you in making your plans a success.

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