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Tips to Capture the Best Selfies

You don’t have to waste hundreds of shots just to get one good selfie. Here's a thing that you must ponder on - the technique or you can call it the secret of capturing an amazing selfie.

You have to stop identifying that one single angle that can make you look prettier, instead start looking for ways you can complement your beauty and click a great picture without wasting hours.

Here are some of the best selfie tips, which can make you click some of your most exceptional pictures. So read on and gather the pro tips without further ado.

Look The Camera in the Eye

For a change you can take pictures staring bluntly on your shoes or showing yourself busy in shuffling pages; however, taking every other picture posing for something is a bit outdated trend. You have to show yourself confident enough to stare right into the camera eye and say cheese! You cannot always pose staring at everything else other than your camera and think you can hide your insecurities or poor sense of confidence. You have to stay bold when capturing the picture.

Check Your Lighting

You think your skin is radiant enough to help you capture a good selfie and you don’t need anything else. Well, no matter how sparkling white your teeth are or how glorious your face is, you always need to focus on the lighting around you to be able to capture a good selfie. That is the reason why every great selfie is captured during the daylight. The sun is bright up in the sky helping you fill in your frame with proper detailing without any ugly shadows. "Light is undoubtedly the best beauty product you don't have to pay for."- Jordan Liberty

Express Yourself

Some say smile to your brightest but no that’s not all that is needed to get a good click. You have to express yourself. If you are happy, show it from your face. Do not fake expressions, as it will make you look cheeky and dull. A proper and genuine smile can make you look fresh and radiant. So, be expressive and true to your feeling when clicking a picture.

Maintain Body Posture (No Double Chin!)

You need to ponder on your postures when clicking a picture. You cannot stick your head to your neck or lower the camera to an angle that might show your dreaded double chin. It’s on you how you can enhance your looks or choose such an angle that can ruin the picture completely. Stay relaxed and not too stiff. Your face must not show frown lines or confused expressions. Click when you are 100% sure and ready about clicking. 

Effective Use of Flash

Clicking pictures with your flash opened is the most dangerous thing you can do. Many people think that flash can add extra light into your image but that’s a bit controversial. As by using the flashlight you can expose the makeup you just have applied on your face while highlighting every not so amazing corner of your face. You have to use the flash features quite consciously making sure you do not ruin your picture.

Take Best Ten Selfies

As mentioned earlier you do not have to overload your cellphone with millions of selfie in the same pose and at the same spot. You only have to think and decide on taking ten clicks. If you find no good selection that means there is a flaw either in your camera angle or in the lighting. You need to find the reason for not being able to click a good picture and fix it. You cannot simply go on clicking over a hundred images just to get the best one. By acting consciously, you cannot only save a lot of time but can be sure to get what you want in the end.

Use the Right App

Now, this is something that can actually lower your stress and assist you in capturing the best selfie for your social profiles. To get a beautiful selfie you must get your hands on the promising resources-the app. Here is a list of some of the most famous apps that you can install to capture your pretty face.

  • Parfait- the app helps users to choose the best selfie out of the many they have captured. It is the perfect app to compare your pictures from your gallery.
  • AirBrush- You can enhance your picture by painting your teeth white, hiding your pimples, covering your wrinkles and getting away from every scar. The app can even enhance your background and lighting to wipe of shadows.  
  • Facetune 2- One of the amazing features that make this app super-efficient is that it offers live editing facility. Before even clicking the picture, you can choose editing options and make yourself look prettier.

The last tip for you is to get a good haircut and groom yourself a bit if you truly want to capture a selfie that can make the newsfeed boom with your awesome beauty. If you want professional photographers to capture your best photograph, you can easily find the experts from Fixonclick. Choose from a wide range of photography experts based on your choice. Check their reviews, previous work and price range and select the expert. We can organize a quick meeting or call for making an appointment. Get in touch with us and watch the magic unravel.

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