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Tips to Make your Henna Darker

Henna or mehndi is one of the oldest traditions all over Asia - making pretty henna designs on hands and feet. The orange to reddish colors of henna simply looks tempting. Mostly women and girls wear it during the wedding seasons, religious events, or cultural ceremonies. There has always been tough competition in getting your hands designed with the most intricate and beautiful henna designs. 

However, one thing that bothers people is the early fading away of color from their hands. The henna lovers want to have darker colors of henna and so they look for henna service in Dubai. But as they frequently wash their hands, the color begins to fade away. So what does it take to keep your henna color as dark as it was from the time you wash it? Here are some few effective tips for the fashionistas and henna lovers. Read on!

Leave it for a longer time

Once you have applied henna you must not wash hands for at least 6 to 7 hours. You must leave it to dry as much as you can. Moreover, to get away from dried henna you must avoid putting water on the dried henna. It’s best to rub your hands together and shrug it off.

Lemon Sugar Mixture

One of the oldest trick to save the color is the famous lemon and sugar mixture. What you can do is to take a lemon and mix its citrus in two spoons of water. After that, mix some sugar in it. Once the mixture is ready, dab it on your henna and set it to dry. After every hour you can dab it again and dry it. This will leave a darker color.

Wrap Up Your Design

This is one of the trickiest tricks to perform. You have to wrap your hand having the henna on to get the color intensity you desire. As it is difficult to do so without spoiling your design that’s why many people seek the professional's assistance to wrap their hands using the medical paper tape. It is not that common and only a few people prefer it. It is time-consuming and involves risk of spoiling the design as well.

Get Some Warmth

If its winter, then it is the perfect time to sit near your chimney or bonfire. You can intensify the color of your henna designs by getting the warmth of the burning fire. You can even stand against the cloves and get some heat on your designs. The perfect way to perform the trick is to put the lemon mixture on first and then set it to dry by the heat.

Apply Balms

Do you have a balm or a soothing medical cream; if not go get them from the nearest pharmacy. You can apply balms like Vicks on your henna as well. These soothing balms have the right ingredients to provide heat and crisp to your henna. Moreover, they can penetrate into the skin and stimulate color development. It can effectively increase the darkness of your color and make your hands look beautiful for longer.

Henna Artist at Home

Henna Artist at Home



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Party Event

Things to Avoid

  • Do not use soaps or detergents to wash your hands. Avoid as much as you can. 
  • Do not shave once you have applied the henna.
  • Do not take the shower just after applying the henna.
  • Do not apply the lemon mixture too many times as it can turn the reddish color into the brown shade.
  • Never apply the blow dryer to dry your henna especially on your palm it will spoil it completely.
  • Do not sit under the dark to apply the henna. Your expert must be able to see the hand and the designs clearly.
  • Try making a henna paste at home, as it will not have addictive chemicals or ingredients.
  • It’s better to eat and get freshen up before sitting or the henna slot.

Moreover, there is a design technique as well that can assure you bright results. You can go for making thick designs with more fillings. The more you apply the henna the darker it can get. You can even reapply if you fail to find your desired color. Once you wash your hands, you can trace the design again for as many times as possible this will not let it fade away anytime sooner. 

If you are finding trouble making the design all on your own you can get an expert appointment. Get on Fixonclick and find the perfect henna experts at home in Dubai. Just click HERE to enjoy beautiful henna designs at the comfort of your home.