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Top Wedding Gifts for the Bride and Groom

Ding dong............................................The wedding bells are on
Ding dong...........................................Time to shop.

Yes, weddings are not only fun for the bride and groom when they have to move from one shop to another to empty them right before they start a new chapter of their lives.
But weddings can be equally fun for family and friends.

Sometimes you find them as exciting as the couple because you don’t only plan to doll up for someone else’s wedding but buying a present or presents for the newlyweds give you a fresh adrenaline rush.

But the adrenaline rush gets controlled as soon as you have to pick one good present for your favorite couple and it gets hard for you to choose one. Well here is a little help for you.

We have picked a few good presents along with little guidance that how can they come handy for your near and dear ones.

Pre-Wedding Function

You can always think of surprising your friend by arranging a bridal shower for her. You can schedule the whole party with your other friends and bride’s family and make the arrangements while the bride is busy with the shopping or when she is relaxing at the salon, enjoying her bridal services. You can either throw the party at her home or even choose a beautiful outdoor venue.

And if it’s him; well, bachelor’s party is not a bad idea at all.

Honeymoon Trip

Sponsor your siblings or children’s honeymoon trip. Look for a beautiful, quiet and romantic destination for the new couple and send them off with lots of love and wishes. Nothing better than sending your loved ones off to a new destination to start their new journey, isn't it?

Post-Wedding Event

You can always throw a post-wedding party where you or your family can warmly welcome the bride or the groom and help them get familiar with the family and your dear friends. If you are welcoming the bride then including her family in the guest list would give her immense amount of happiness.

If you find the above little off budget then worry not. I have another list of affordable yet beautiful wedding presents for you.

Bed Linens and Mattress Linings

A soft, feather-filled mattress lining will not only save their mattress life but also give them a comfortable sleep after a long and tiring function. And a cozy warm quilt will give them a snuggling feeling for sure.

Bathroom Robes and Towels

You can always find soft bathrobes and matching towels for your friends and give a final touch to their new bathroom.

Kitchen Accessories

You can always pick kitchen utensils like knives, cutlery, pan etc., kitchen electronics like coffee makers, food processors, electric kettles, different shapes and sizes glasses, crockery sets, loose dishes, napkins or other pretty little kitchen gadgets for the bride and groom. These things will be of great help to them.

You never know how much they end up enjoying cooking and baking.

Acrylic Trays and Kitchenware

Acrylic trays are new trendy and must have additions in kitchens. They reflect modern and classy look at the same time, when they are used to serve the guest. You can also gift other acrylic kitchenware sets to your friends on their wedding.


Floor lamps or table lamps are the safest of all gifts. You can always choose neutral color lamp shades along with vintage, contemporary or modern style lamps. If you want to give it a warm touch you can always choose room lamps for your friends.


An elegant picture frame or set of picture frames can be considered a perfect gift for the couple to place them on their console table and let them be a reminder of their beautiful moments well spent.

Glass, Ceramic or Silver Decoration Pieces

Beautiful glass vases, set of ceramic vases, floor vases or antique silver pieces can be a good choice for a gift.

Gazebos or Garden Sets

Your friends are going to enjoy their lazy Sundays out in the garden either lying lazily on the garden chair set or brunch under the gazebos.

If not the above gifts, you can always go for personalized gifts. Read below!

Perfect Fit

Ladies are a huge fan of comfortable shoes and sandals. But then who isn’t.

Nothing much can beat the feeling of a comfortable yet stylish pair of shoes for the groom and pretty heels for the bride.

Match It Up

If you have decided to gift your bride friend a pair of shoe or sling or mule or whatever, add a more elegant touch by adding a matching clutch bag with them and save your friend from choosing a matching bag later.

Tailor Cut

No harm in gifting your groom a tailor-made customized suit. Nothing can please your groom friend more than that for sure. After all, who doesn’t like a well-stitched and tailored suit?

Encourage their Hobbies

If your friends are fond of any hobbies, then you should consider giving a gift which will encourage them to not only enjoy their hobby but also to set new standards by enjoying them together. 

A fishing rod, surfing board or maybe an elegant wooden book shelf are a few ideas if they have related hobbies.

Perfume Set

I am sure you know which fragrances your friends like. Go ahead, be confident and pick up their choice of perfume set. They will love it.

Personalized Gifts

Pick up a box and fill it with a wallet, glass, cup, lighter, frame or keychain and imprint your friends’ names on them and gift them.

For Fitness Freaks

If your friends or either of your friends is a fitness freak then you can choose to gift him or her a set of wireless headphones, yoga mat, active wear to match with each other’s set etc.

Travel Accessories

Your gift can be the first thing they use right after their wedding. Travel accessories like traveling bags, box, weekend bags, passport holder etc can be extremely useful if they plan to start their new life with traveling.

Wedding Event Planner

Wedding Event Planner

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