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Tips to Keep Your Home Cool During Summers

In the scorching summers in Dubai, it is unthinkable to live without an AC. Even switching it off for a few minutes would make you feel as if you have come out of an oven. Well, mild heat can be handled without digging a hole in your pocket due to the huge current bills. Fixonclick is going to provide you some brilliant low cost tips to make your home cooler.

Keep Your Blinds Closed

It is a simple yet powerful tip because 30% of unwanted heat and dust in your house gets in through the windows. Using curtains and shades can reduce your bill amount to an extent. Better to use blackout curtains as they naturally insulate the rooms in which they are installed.

Focus on Body Temperature

Well, our ancestors definitely survived the heat without air conditioners. Thus techniques like sipping iced drinks, draping a cold cloth to strong pulsed areas like neck and wrists let you cool yourself from inside out. Other tricks are to wear cotton clothes of light colors. Take a cold shower whenever you feel that the heat is making you go insane. Cool your body and brain in a cool and comforting shower.

The DIY Fan Trick for Instant Cooling

If you feel like giving your air conditioner some rest, make a cooler using a fan. Fill a bowl with Ice and position it at an angle in front of a large fan so that the air bounces off the ice before reaching you. Get extra chilled and misty cold air. It’s magic!

Switch on Your Exhausts

Ensure that your washroom fan and exhaust in your kitchen are switched on when you use them. This pulls out the hot air that rises after you cook something or take a steamy shower.

Sleep Low

Try to sleep in the ground floor bedroom, basement or even on a comfortable couch as the heat would be elevated in the upper floor because the sunlight would fall directly on top of it. It is even effective to place your mattress on the floor if the air feels cooler down there.

Let the Night Air In

It is natural for the temperature to drop during night in the summer season. If this is the case in the areas that you live in, just leave the windows open at night and let in the fresh cool air. Well don't forget to close the windows and blinds before things get too hot in the morning.

Ensure a Healthy Air Conditioner

We cannot just have our air conditioners switched off all together. Therefore, it is best to take care of your cool mate. Changing AC filters regularly should be the first and foremost thing to be done. A dirty filter will reduce not only the quality but also the efficiency of the air flow. AC maintenance is necessary for effective working of the AC. Find experts for ac maintenance in Dubai at Fixonclick.

Start your Grills, Skip your Stoves

It is obvious that using your oven or stove in the summer would definitely make your interiors hotter. If it's already 35 degree Celsius in your home, the last thing you want to do is switch on a hundred degree oven. Therefore, it's best to be friends with the sun and start cooking the healthy way enjoying the nature.

Plant Shade Trees

Most of the Arab homes always comes with a wide compound. Thus, it would not be a hectic task to plant shade trees around your house. Even if this may not have immediate payoffs, it is a great thing to do as in the long run your home will start being cooled from the exterior itself.

Set your Ceiling Fans to Rotate Counter-Clockwise

You may not realize that your ceiling fan needs to be adjusted seasonally. Set to make it spin counter-clockwise in the summer at a higher speed, the fan's airflow will create a wind-chill breeze effect that will make you and your guests feel cooler.

In case you need some assistance in making your homes cooler like AC maintenance in Dubai or planting of shade trees and garden landscaping, Fixonclick is just a click away. Visit the Fixonclick website or download the Fixonclick mobile app for all your home and office requirements. Stop searching, start fixing!

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