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8 Surprising Health Benefits of Honey

Honey has been the most important ingredient to make a wide range of health and beauty products. Those tiny honeybees sit from flower to flower to extract a treasure of nutrients for the people around the world. If you have ever wondered about the benefits of honey, you would have been surprised by the unending list, which begins from improving the immune system of newly born babies to soothing the cracked lips.

Honey has natural antiseptic, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties

Different honey types have different advantages and are used for various purposes. For instance, the Manuka honey is thicker than any other type and is used for skin treatments and soothing. If you want to enhance your understanding about the benefits of honey, you must have a read of the list mentioned below:

Rich in Antioxidants

Honey contains a high quantity of antioxidants like flavonoids (including phenolic compounds and organic acids). Moreover, as per research, scientists state that the presence of these two compounds makes the honey more antioxidant. Being antioxidants, honey can even reduce the risk of many heart diseases like severe heart strokes, blood, and increased blood pressure. Some even claim it to be strong enough to fight the cancer bacteria.

Suitable For Diabetes Patients 

People who suffer from diabetes have to deal with problems associated with items with high sugar content. Many are even told to avoid sugar containing food completely; however, there is one thing that you can add an equal amount to enjoy the sweetness without damaging your health - honey. The diabetes patients cannot keep a balance in their body's sugar level.

To maintain a balance, they have to take insulins but if you begin eating honey, you will feel a rush of energy flowing through your body. A tablespoon of honey has almost 17 g of carbohydrates that shows its effectiveness for a patient. You can add it in your cup of tea or when making desserts for yourself.

Softens & Brightens the Skin

Honey suits skin of all types. It can brighten the skin color and even clear pimple marks and wrinkles. In many beauty products, honey is used as the vital ingredient. From making a facial mask to cleansing lotions, almost everything has honey present in them.

You can put raw honey on your face and moisturize it for sometimes; you will feel the difference and find a glow in your skin. It helps in preventing acne and fades scars. Honey is also used to hydrate skin and treats burns. Apart from this, it can also condition the hairs as well.

Improves Cholesterol

Honey can improve the cholesterol level lowering the risk heart problems. It clears the walls and avoids building up of fatty tissues in the arteries. Studies prove that honey improves the cholesterol level.

Lowers Triglycerides

Apart from increased cholesterol, elevated blood triglycerides contribute to creating bad heart condition. The level of triglyceride increases by consuming food with high-refined carbs. However, on the other hand, by daily consuming honey, you can lower down your triglyceride levels.

Hair Hydrating Mask

If you make a banana and honey mixture, you can have a hair-hydrating mask to spend the winters nicely. You can prepare your hair no matter how fizzy the environment can be. Honey is the best remedy to get away with dryness and roughness. You can soften your scalp and bring a freshness in your hair by using honey.

Healing for Open Wounds and Burns

As per a study, honey can heal an open wound up to 43.3%. Moreover, it has treated around 97% of patients suffering from diabetic ulcer. Since honey has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, it serves to be the best solution to heal wounds inflicted right after a surgery. It can nourish the tissues and can even treat foot ulcers efficiently.

Suppresses Coughs in Children

Just as the weather changes, the widespread of one of the most common disease is sure to arrive - throat infection and coughing. Mostly in kids, the problem of coughing stays for longer. Treating the throat infection with honey has been one of the traditional methods since ages. It is regarded as the most common medication because it always works. Moreover, apart from cough it can help in putting a baby to sleep deep and for longer.

Fixonclick hopes this article has helped you understand the benefits of honey and it motivates you to consume and use honey for your benefits.

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