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How to Use Ramadan to Stay Fit and Healthy

As Ramadan is here, it is time you get a new chart for your diet plan and fitness exercises. The days of running for hours are about to bid goodbye as you have to save a lot of energy. However, that doesn't mean you quit exercise completely. You have to stay fit and smart throughout the year after all you have to welcome the Holy festive with an ear to ear smile.

So, buckle down and stay active. Here is a short guide to brief you about the things that can be helpful for you and your body. Follow these guidelines and bring a change this year. 

Make your observance easier for yourself while keeping a pace with your exercising routine


Yoga is effective and less exhausting. It will not drain off your energy and will freshen you up filling you with motivation for the day. Sit at a quiet place that you used to in normal days and dedicate a certain time of your day. Yoga is preferred for the morning so better do it early in the morning.

Have a Healthy Routine

As you will be observing fast before the sun rises and till the dusk, the time you allotted for jogging will be then dedicated to slow walking. You have to go on a small and steady walk for not more than fifteen to twenty minutes. You can set the time according to your body strength. You can go for a walk after you are done with iftar and your prayers. By going on a walk, you will be able to digest the food you just gobbled. It will keep away the fats and will keep your immune system healthy.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

You need to increase your water intake during the month of Ramadan. By doing so, you can cut those awful fats swinging on your arms or the sight of the bulging belly. As you have a habit to munch on junk food throughout the year, eating moderately in Ramadan usually upsets the digestive system. The human body is not immune to such a change. So, to keep things in balance and to maintain good health it’s essential to drink as much water as you can. More importantly, during the fast our body releases heat. That causes acne and other problems. All of these are rectified by the consumption of water. Daily water intake will kick start your metabolism and help you cut to weight loss efficiently. It will form a perfect combo including walking, water consumption and fast. You will feel reduced fat in your body within days along with experiencing a bolt of energy.

Do Core Exercises and Planks

Once you have completed your days fast you can set the time at night to do the planks and core exercises. Do not burden your body with too tricky or exhausting exercises. Go slow this month. Avoid lifting weights. As you observe the fast, additional calories and fats get automatically wiped off. You simply have to bring your body in a good shape and that can also happen if you do a few reps of plank and yoga.

Moreover, by strengthening your core you will be able to spend the day actively. During fast the thing that counts the most is energy. How you save it and utilize it matters. You have to avoid being hard on yourself as the most effective role that fast is playing on your body, cutting down fats, building enzymes and improving your immune system. So, now you only have to support what fasting is doing to you instead of going on so aggressively with it.

Diet Plan

Knock out junk food and unhealthy munching from your diet plan. You have to go for soft food and fruits to bring back the loss of energy. Increase your protein consumption and bring a balance in vitamin and mineral intake. Go for fresh juices and pulpy fruits as the citric will infuse energy and enhance your metabolism helping you to survive the day more effectively and actively.

You can follow these tips to make yourself ready to spend the month actively and cheerfully. If you stay out of energy you will feel frustrated and exhausted every often. So, stay calm, be patient and follow the guide mentioned above. In case of any expert assistance, you can always find fitness trainers on the Fixonclick app. So, fill your month with blessings and fitness.

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