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Tech Gifts for your Tech Savvy Valentine

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and guys and girls are obsessing over what to gift the love of their life. Well if your crush is tech savvy then choosing a gift gets more complicated. But never to worry, we at Fixonclick are going to guide you through a list of cool items because as the Dubai tech market is full to the brim with cool, eye-catching gizmos choosing would again be a maddening task. Just pick on the best and present it to your tech head sweetheart.

Wireless Earphones

Earphones are a life saver when it comes to avoiding people that you don't want to listen to! And wireless ones are extra comfort which save you from the hectic task of untangling the messy wires. Your love will adore it for the ease that can be experienced while travelling or taking nap from work without needing to plug in an earphone. Wireless headphones come in variety of models and customized bud sizes.

Hydrate Spark

The hydrate spark water bottle is such a useful invention for tech people who consistently forget to drink water. Hydrate spark is a customized water bottle which when linked to your phone will pull off alarms to remind you in drinking water and also track the amount of water that you have drunk. This helps to keep you hydrated at all times, which is most essential during the scorching summers in Dubai which is ready to onset soon.

Mini USB Fridge Cooler

Let your love drink his favorite cokes at his most desired temperatures. A mini USB fridge will help you load a can of any drink that you like and then you connect it to your laptop or system or even car charging port. The fridge cools your drink to your needed level. Best gadget to have during the blazing Dubai summers where your drinks get warm minutes after buying it.

Folding Massage Chair

Techies finding time for massages is of rarer possibility than rains in Dubai!. So how about gifting your love interest a portable massage chair? This cool chair can be tucked in at the back of your car and used whenever and wherever you want. How cool would it be to take a nap in the message chair with a cocktail at your office while all others are burning their heads over work? Sounds exciting, if you aren't kicked out of job the next day.

Universal Phone Mount

A universal phone mount can be fixed onto anything and everything. You can watch a movie or series you love even at work breaks as it can be easily fixed onto your desks. Your phone addict lover would adore this as a gift, though you would later regret giving it to them because they stick to the phone even more.

Kindle e-reader

For your darling book lover, Kindle would be a heaven in hand. All the books that he or she loves can be obtained at the fingertips and Kindle has got several specifications where it allows you to read safely in darkness, while travelling, in high and low lights etc. 

Smart Writing Set 

 The Smart Writing set is practically magic. Write in the notebook and your sweethearts words or drawings will move onto his phone automatically. It transfers their exact handwriting, too, so it's like having a real notepad on an iPhone. It’s such a sweet thing and also you can keep a record of whatever he or she has written and maybe use it to fight with it later. 

Smart Bulb

For that lazy lover of yours who sleeps with his lights on because he's too tired to walk a few steps till the switch, smart bulb would be a life saver. This voice activated bulb let's you switch your lights on or off from the comfort of your bed. He'll fall head over heels for that intense pampering of yours.

Waterproof Bluetooth speaker 

Make your adventure loving Valentine carry this waterproof speaker on which he can hear his favorite songs during travels. Give your Wild Wadi trip or Khorfakkan trekking an additional tint of life by listening to your favorite beats. 

Temperature Controlled Ceramic Cup

If your Valentine likes her drink hot, this ceramic cup is going to keep it last how long she takes to do her makeup; the drink will be hot as required. So you can just skip out after making her coffee!

Pocket Projector

You'll enjoy endless fun movie nights with your sweetheart with this pocket projector. It can be even used over Wi-Fi and projected onto the plain walls of your home; a cozy home theater at the most comfortable area of your house.

Activity Tracker Watch

For your fitness freak lover this would be the most suitable gift as he or she can track their steps, heart rate, calories burnt and lot more functions. These watches come in variety of colors and models and will look extra cool once worn. 


For that guy of yours who forgets his keys to even wearing his socks, this tracker would be a perfect aid. This is a Bluetooth-enabled location device that can be attached to or hidden inside of easily misplaced items. Hard-to-find items can be located using a Smartphone app that sets off an alarm. If the item was left behind somewhere out of range, the app shows its last known location on a map. 

One more tech that you can introduce in your partner’s life is Fixonclick - an app that gets all your home, office, car, business, event, and personal services done with a few clicks on your mobile device. No work is too small or big. Get the best verified service providers in Dubai and all over UAE. 

Surprise your tech savvy darling with any of these gifts and enjoy the Valentine’s Day to the fullest. 

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