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Mar 28, 2019

8 Summer Colors for your Home Walls

Summer is the best time for some changes. As the outside gets hot, so does the home. Air conditioners are switched on and people start to stay indoors when the day is out unless going out is necessary. As more time is spent indoors, summers is an excellent time to experiment with home décor and the indoors. Transform your home to suit the sweeter summers using these colours and bringing in a cool and fresh look into your home. 

Summer Blues

Adorn your interiors with some cool blue curtains to suit the clear skies of the summer days. Give your living room a lighter and shinier look by keeping aside the heavy dark curtains and replacing them with lighter hues of blue. This will make your interiors look spacious and pleasant. Soft blue is another choice of blue which would amalgamate well with your bedrooms as it would make you feel like you have walked into a room full of fresh air and adds a dreamy quality to it.

Peaceful White

White is a timeless color that goes with any other color or any living space. If you are looking for a repainting during summer, white could be your choice. White helps to keep up the elegance and also to reduce heat to a great extent. For new trendy looks, you incorporate colours like purple, green and even pink with your whites. This will in turn give unique look to your interiors, wherein each space of your house will be felt as from a different culture and different timeline, thus you will never get bored being in any corner of your house due to its freshness.


Green is a propitious color and the color of nature. Any shade of green would suit best for sunny days. If you need an oasis kind of look, choose jade green and if you love the dark wilderness, then go with dark green. Now if you are a light color lover, light green will give your home a fresh feel, just like a tender leaf. Sea green will be best for your bedrooms as the color palette is bright, airy, and tranquil enough to help you zone out and rest easy. Paint your bathrooms a sunny, citrus lemon green and add some patterned curtains to give a contrast and new look.


Well pink is not always girlish, the flamingo pink is a strong shade of the pink color which would go well in small rooms of your homes and also on corridors or passageways that connect a living area and your bedroom to any other part of your home. It’s a bold color that gives a romantic look to those tiny unnoted places of your home. Peach is another not so feminine shade of pink which would give a brand new look to your summer interiors. Coupled with some dark, probably black coloured furniture, this combination will give a sophisticated look to your interiors.


Would you like to make a tiny space in your home feel larger? Use bold and deep violet colors which evoke summer flowers like lilac, with pops of yellow and this actually has the capacity to invoke a visual illusion of enlarging small areas. Its best if used in apartment or home entrance if you find them narrow. 

Floral Prints

Floral print designs sells like hot cakes now. It is so much in demand and summer is the best time to infuse this pleasant mixture of colors into your home. From wallpapers to wall paintings and shower curtains to throw pillows, it makes your room turn into a wonder and adds a pop of nature to any room in your house. Floral prints are proven to lighten up your mood and bring joy. 

Exotic Orange

Exotic orange is the colour of the hour and this vibrant shade is an instant energizer and grabs your attention in any space. This colour is said to work well if you’re seeking a warm feel but want a punchy impact. 

Apple Red

Apple reds are best if they are incorporated into dining space as this colour is mostly believed to induce appetite. Red is also a strong colour which is said to flourish both productivity and passion. Well, try to choose a non-primary hue of red as it will be less complex and more attractive. 

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