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Fascinating Color Trends For Wall Painting in 2019

Painting walls with energizing hues is a passion of many. People love to put pretty strokes of paints on their wall to make it look prettier. If you are renovating your house or want to enhance the look of your new room here is what you must keep in mind.

You sure would not want to make your room look outdated with paints that were used years ago and now only create a dull impact on your wall. 

It’s best to stick to some amazing color trends and stay ahead of the curve.

With the list of wall-paint ideas listed below, you will be able to create an eye-catching look for your room. So, let’s begin the read.

A Sprinkle of Dark Hues

You can showcase a scene of some dark color transitions on your walls. An enticing scene of some bold colors mixing together and blending into one another. You can also paint the darker shades with light colors to add a refreshing touch on your wall. Such combinations look perfect in living areas having some comfortable couches and cool rug. The wall paint will definitely complement your interior and furniture. Just be careful when selecting the combination of paints. 

A Blend of Lighter and Darker

Trend #2 is mixing two different intensities of the same color together. Let say you like indigo, you take a slightly darker indigo with a light intensity of indigo together and make different strokes of the two shades. By doing so, your wall will look fascinating and enticing, and it will add a classic touch to your house. You can paint your bedroom wall with it as well. It will look sophisticated.

Single-Toned Color 

Paint your wall with only one color to enhance its outlook. Now here are two suggestions:

  • Light Color: If you want to keep your wall paint light, you can go with pinks, sky-blue with a touch of white strokes to make a natural look or even fawn white. 
  • Dark Shades: If you want to go with darker shades, you can add dark green or navy blue. Moreover, adding orange paint adds a spirit and livens up the entire room. You can choose any of these colors for both the living room and the kitchen. These two shades are eye-catching and impressive. If you want to hang some of your portraits or other wall hangings, you can go for it. However, do not choose the portraits with equally dark colors. It’s best to put on white hangings.

Wall Textures

You sure would have seen a lot of textures caved on the walls. One of the hardest thing is to select the best wall texture for your room. Some years back people used to prefer textures with lighter shades. If they have scrapped their walls, they preferred to put on beige color or light green to make it look soothing. However, people now choose dark shades as it gives a sparkling touch to their rooms. You can go for skip trowel, knockdown or swirls. When creating swirls, choose a combination of two colors. You have got to be creative this year. You can put a lighter shade of a color while making the swirl add a slightly higher intensity of that same color.

Premixed Textured Paint

Premixed Textured Paint is one of the most commonly used yet stunning looking types of wall paints. These paints are applied on textured walls. These are special paints that provide fine covering even on engraved or carved walls. You can buy a dark orange or violet shade and after getting your wall textured, you can apply the paint there. In the year 2019, many designers are delving deeper into coming up with most creative ideas to create eye-popping artwork on their walls. 

Pale Pink Colorways

Pink is everywhere. This year, you cannot underestimate the fascination of this paint by only keeping it in the baby girl's room. Most people think that rose pink suits the baby or kid's room while now tables have turned. Now people are using pale pink in their kitchen and living rooms as well. They are painting their study corner with this paint to add a touch of freshness.

The Love for Yellow

Colors like yellow and orange were never given proper attention. Most people preferred adding blue or grey or white in their homes. However, things are completely changed now, as people are beginning to like and use yellow on their walls. Adding the color yellow not only brightens up the entire room but it adds a refreshing touch as well. You can paint your living room or dining area walls yellow. You just have to add a few other decorative items to back it up. 

Cream Color

Are you a follower of the minimalist movement? Do you like keeping the outlook of your house to a minimalist approach? Well, if you have such inclination, then this is the trend you must definitely go with. Painting walls with cream color is a bit legendary. People from years have been doing the same, yet the color has its own charm and appeal. You can easily apply the paint on whichever wall you want, whether it is the living room or even your bedroom. With this hue, any wall can look captivating.

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