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Things Not to Keep in your Washroom

Washrooms are one of the most used spaces in our homes and for the easiness we tend to store many things in our bathrooms, some of which are not supposed to be there. Fixonclick lists you out some items that you should never store in your washrooms.

However space deprived you feel, never store these things in your washroom as it may cut short its utility or even damage it completely.


In every washroom that you go, you will find razors. But this is a risk because razors would rust faster if kept in washrooms due to the continuous humidity and dampness. Thus, either place in your washroom accessories store area or in a razor holder anywhere but not inside your wet shower.


Well the most essential accessory to make you clean will make you dirtier if you keep them inside your showers. Not only do loofahs retain your dead skin cells and dirt from your body, when stored inside a damp and muggy shower, they also start to cultivate bacteria. Thus to prevent your loofahs from transforming to a total bacterial organism , dry it up immediately after your bath and hang it in a clean dry place outside your washroom.

Clean Towels

Your washroom would always be damp and moist so the same goes for all the items inside it too. Thus keeping clean towels in your washroom is not such a great idea. Store the fresh ones in a wardrobe or a separate store area and always take care to spread the ones that you have already used to dry completely. Never hang a used towel on a hook or towel ring as it may not get dried in all places.


You may wonder whether we are nuts to ask you to separate your toothbrush from your bathroom. But it's best if you store it out because bacteria thrives and grows all over it. Make sure to store it in a dry place with lot of air circulation or you'll wind up washing your mouth out with gross germs every day.


Many people are seen to store medicines in mirror storages usually as they would not forget to take their tablets. This would reduce the shelf life of the medicines due to the fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels. Thus try to keep your medicines in a good dry place, maybe in a kitchen cabinet but far away from the oven.


From electric brushes to hair dryers, epilators or even radios (as long as they are designed for shower music) no electronic items should be kept inside your bathrooms. This will guarantee that it will be permanently ruined very soon due to the excessive and long lasting humidity inside the washrooms.


You can find perfumes anywhere and everywhere in homes, then why not the washrooms. Well your perfumes doesn't like drastic change in temperatures, thus it is not advisable to store it in the bathrooms. Keep it in a place of consistent temperature like bedrooms.


Nobody is foolish enough to store jewellery in washrooms, but most people remove the jewellery that they wear and place it in the bathrooms before a wash. A jewel item would definitely tarnish in its colour and diminish its brightness if kept in a washroom even for a few hours. Thus take care to place your jewellery back in its case after use.

Nail Polish and Other Makeups

A considerable number of people do their makeups in washrooms. But storing your makeup items in there isn't a good idea as the temperature gradient would spoil your makeup things and would reduce their shelf life to a great extent. Chances of nail polishes getting diminished in its colour is often seen it if is kept in washrooms. Makeup items may melt (if you frequently have a really hot shower) or harden and get cracks, especially compact powders (if you love long ice cold showers) if they are stored for longer periods here.

A washroom should always be clean and spotless. If you want professional help, Fixonclick can hook you up with the best cleaning company in Dubai. Choose from a wide range of top verified cleaners and relax while you enjoy a neat and tidy home.

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