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Mar 30, 2019

Tips to Clean Your Home Faster and Effectively

Coming back from a hectic day at work to see a house messed up with rotten food and smelly clothes lying on the floor, is nothing but a contributor to your level of frustration. A part of you drives you to muster up your courage and wipe off the dirt and dust, but the other part simply forces you to lay down and get some rest. Now here is a quick tip to help you clean your house. By following the tips, you can enjoy your perfect "Me Time" breathing the fresh fragrance of your house. 

Clear the Mess

Before you begin to dust off your tables or scrap your floors, you must clear your rooms first. You have to clear the mess around your house. Pick those dirty shorts and put them in the laundry. Collect the used dishes from every room and put them in sink. Clean the counters put the food in the fridge. You have to get away from everything that will unnecessarily create hindrance in your cleaning. Sometimes by only cleaning your house look more organized and you find room to look for the right areas to work on.

Clean the Fans

Fans collect most of the dust in your house. You have to first scrap and clean them before you carry out the dusting in your house. Moreover, it’s good to wipe them off first. In this way, you can collect the dust falling from them on the floor. Take a safe and long stool and duster, hold each fin, and clean them slowly. It’s best to cover your head and face to stay away from the falling dust.

Scrap Your Floor

Now it’s time to check your floor. You need to clean your kitchen floor with solid detergents. During cooking, sauces are spilled on the floor or some time vegetables stick down, and we don’t realize it. The food items then rot on the floor and create bad odor and a gross look. You can scrap them off and enjoy a clean and shiny kitchen floor.

Vacuum your House

Take the vacuum and go from room to room to clean the house. It will not take more than 30 mins to properly clean your house.

Head towards Your Washroom

When the rest of your house is clean and tidy, it’s time to pay a little more attention to your washrooms. The first thing you need to do is to clear the clutter in the washroom. You have to throw away the empty bottles and used tissues. You have to put the towel and bath gowns in the laundry and check if those slippers also need a little wash. Check the curtains and if required take it off to clean. You need to look for items that all together can go in the laundry. Now when you are done with clearing all the clutter you have to put the detergents on the floor, walls, inside the pot and on the washing tub. 

Scrap the floor but before that do put on your gloves. The detergents have hard chemicals that can damage your skin. It’s advisable to cover your nose and mouth as well. You should not inhale the strong chemical odor as well. Rinse off properly after cleaning. Sometime if you do not rinse the floor effectively, the chemicals stay on it and that may cause you to slip. So, be careful when in the washroom.

These are the basic guidelines that you can follow to clean your house. However if you think that you require professional cleaning, you can get in touch with Fixonclick - the app that provides a range of experts. Whether you require normal cleaning services in Dubai or home deep cleaning, Fixonclick can connect you with professionals for all. We assure to free you from the stress on managing your house. Within hours, you can enjoy a perfect house without any hassle.

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