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Jan 19, 2019

7 Best Ways to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Just when the sky is all lit up with the beauty of fireworks on New Year eve you begin to fill your notes with a long list of new promises and commitments. Welcoming a year with refined dedication and a spirit to do better fills with the determination to achieve all your goals and to work on unfinished businesses. 

You feel empowered and enthusiastic, and in that heat of the moment, you take the oath of doing things you have been avoiding the previous year. However, little do you know that with every passing hour you lose inches of devotion and you naturally seem to walk away from your commitments. At last, your to-do-list simply collects dust lying at the top of your workstation. According to the research, only a fraction of people manage to follow their resolutions every year.

Well, this year things will be a bit different. You are going to achieve what you want and do whatever you plan to do in your New Year resolution. Are you wondering how? Well, simply get down and read the following tips to stick to your plan. 

Be True to Yourself

It’s good to have your long list prepared but just give it a thought. Whether you can fulfill it completely or not? Do you have such consistency that can make you achieve every single goal? You know yourself better than any other person. Simply keep your laziness aside and ponder on the act that if you have planned to read fifteen novels, so will it be possible for you to manage it without much trouble? How about cutting short to ten novels. Before you begin following your list it’s important to check the do-ability of your tasks.

Take Baby Steps

As you are not that dedicated enough so you have to take baby steps to keep yourself on the track. You must follow the famous Kaizen practice. It is the name given to a one-minute principle. You have to do a certain task for a minute every day and gradually increase its time. In this way, you stay motivated. For instance, if you planning to read a book every day or to do exercise, then you can do that for not more than sixty seconds. In this way, your brain will feel motivated.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

There is no need to pressurize yourself. Keep it fulfilled and entertaining. You must not overburden yourself to stick to it in any way. You can manage the list in a way that it least bothers you. Try shuffling it and picking any random activity for a month. In this way, you will be able to tick it done. With every single tick, you will feel more enthusiastic.

Moreover, by focusing on a single thing at a time you will be able to do better. With your tough schedules and hectic life, you may not find time to follow all of it. So take a break and pick the one, which is more important.

Seek Some Inspiration

Be with the person who stirs some motivation in you. You need to surround yourself with people who are way more determined and organized; those who have the devotion to fulfill their New Year’s resolution. Keep it more like a little competition with your fellow mate. So that you can feel more energetic to achieve your goals.

Simply keep a check how he or she is following his or her list and compare it with yours as in where you have reached so far. This will help you to stay on the right path and to be confident enough to do what you are supposed to do.

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Ask For Support

It’s no shame to ask for support. Share your resolution with your family or friends and ask them to support you in completing it. You must ask them to stop letting you buy those fats induced munchkins or to help you practice self-control. Just by having a little company you can achieve whatever you want. Moreover, with the hustle and bustle of your life, keeping a track on your resolution list may slip from your mind but if your friend is also aware of it, he may remind you and help you get back to work.

Do Plan some Cheat Days

Knowing your high sense of distraction and boredom, you must give a treat to yourself for staying motivated. If you are exercising to lose weight this year, it’s best to plan out a cheat day after every ten dedicated days of dieting. Once you know that after every ten days you will get to eat the fatty pizza and the sauce dripping pasta you will be much more motivated to diet.

Invest in Your Success

It’s all about enthusiasm and devotion needed to make you able to complete your resolution. You need to invest in your success. If it’s about playing a soccer game you need to buy the best jersey. If it’s about starting your cooking class or want to get enrolled in a belly dance group, you must buy yourself a nice pair of dance shoes or that pretty chef hat. By doing so you keep up your energy and motivate yourself.

These little things will help you bring a big change. You can make your year 2019 different from all those years where you were lagging behind your unfinished resolution list. Moreover, if you want any consultation assistance or want the best instructor to help you lose those ugly lumps of fats quickly get on Fixonclick app. Here we have hundreds of professional services provider who are ready to cater you with the best services.