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What To Eat During Ramadan

With severe climatic changes, it is becoming difficult to observe a fast without experiencing headache, dizziness, a lowered blood sugar, and fatigue. No matter how full you try to keep yourself, you end up getting frustrated over every other thing during your fasting time. Ever wonder why your body and mind are experiencing such mood swings and emotional imbalance.

Your wrong selection of meal is the major reason behind the constant tiredness you feel during the day, even if you are resting in an air-conditioned room. Remember, a fast when observed correctly improves the digestive system of the body and makes you strong internally. So, if you want to spend your month actively nourishing your immune system, here is a list of food you must consume.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables are a rich source of vitamins. They contain vitamin A, C and E along with zinc and folic acid. It keeps the cholesterol level low and enhances blood circulation. Fruits like pomegranate and cherries contribute to the formation of red blood cells. By the consumption of fruits and vegetables, you can maintain good body weight and keep your tummy full all the time. The daily intake of fruits helps in preventing heart strokes and hypertension. So, you must include it in your meal and enhance the efficiency level of your body.

Whole Grain

Whole grain whether consumed in any form is full of nutrients and vitamins. If you go for Bran, which has a hard outer shell, has fiber and antioxidants. Similarly, Endosperm, the middle layer has carbs and Germ, which is the inner layer, has protein, plant compounds, and vitamins. If you choose to have bread, cereal or consume it in any form, it will boost your internal system with a bolt of energy.


Potatoes are available worldwide and they are rich with fiber and minerals. With a high intake of potatoes, it can reduce the risk for much severe health conditions. It stabilizes blood pressure by widening up the blood vessels. So, if you keep an intake you can control health problems and feel more active and full during the day. Moreover, it reduces inflammation in the body as well. Preventing constipation and promoting a smooth flow of blood are also among its benefits. So, you do not have to worry about your immune system if you choose it to be your constant diet food.

Meat, Milk and Fish

Poultry foods are considered as low-fat food. You can consume them without having a feeling to experience nausea or poor digestion. Any form of poultry products whether it is meat or milk it provides an ample amount of nutrients. It enhances the percentage of Vitamin C and zinc. It supplies EPA and omega- 3 acids. Moreover. Magnesium present in them helps in releasing energy from the muscles.

Sprinkle Some Cheese Or Get Some Cheese Cubes

Some think that cheese can make you feel full and heavy when it's not the case. If you consume it in small quantity, it can fill you up with a lot of healthy nutrients and vitamins that will be enough to keep your body active all throughout the day. It has omega-3 and vitamin K-2 along with fatty acids that provide riboflavin and phosphorous. It is regarded as the agent to fight against heavy inflammation. So, you must keep it in your diet plan for the month.

Foods That are High in Sugar

You must know that fact that eating sugar is dangerous for your health but how about if you find a list of food that has high sugar components yet they are considered the healthiest. So, the first thing that is a must to have when observing a fast is a yoghurt. The yoghurt reduces the feeling of thirst and saves you from feeling too thirsty even in extreme weather. Apart from this, you can sprinkle some BBQ sauce or ketchup as well. It can enhance the flavoring of your dish alongside enriching your body with sugar components infusing a spark of energy to keep you through the day.

No matter how extreme the weather condition is or how tough your routine can be, you can observe the fast easily. All you have to do is to make a proper diet plan and avoid consuming food that disturbs the immune system and makes you feel full without providing sufficient energy. You must avoid oily food and go for citrus fruits. Having a light meal will make you feel relaxed and healthy during the day and you will not suffer from headache or poor digestion problems.


Apart from this, if you need any guidance about your diet plan or facing any health issue, you can get on our app- Fixonclick, where you will find out a number of reputable service providers. We have nutritionists and doctors to guide and asset you. So, whenever, you feel the need, get in touch with our professionals.



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