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Ways to Prepare For the Month of Ramadan

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, is regarded as a holy month.
Muslims pray throughout the month with purity and indulge in charitable activities.

However, as you are caught up in your busy routine throughout the year, it becomes difficult to turn your day to day living in such a way that you make the most time of your time and involve yourself in religious activities.

There are things you should be prepared for even before the month arrives. You must not wait for the exact day to knock your door to get turned into a religious personality as that is something that will cause you a lot to carry on throughout the month. So, here is a short guide with a list of acts and habits that can help you enjoy the month of blessing.

Fast Voluntarily

By spending hours at your workplace or struggling through the busy routine of your day, you feel like munching or eating every now and then. Or when you have to travel under the scorching heat of the sun you become used to drinking a lot of water. But it’s Ramadan and you have to fast despite the burning sun or the tiring workload.

So, the best practice is to keep the fast voluntarily and prepare your body to be more patient towards hunger or thirst. In this way, when the month will arrive, you will not feel hunger and thirst as much.

Give Charity

One good habit that most people adopt during Ramadan is giving charity. It is healthy to think about the poor and underprivileged people living in your localities and neighborhood. You must look for such people and keep give them charity every now and then. A good habit stays with you. It is not stopped as the month bids goodbye.

Perform Prayers Daily

It will become difficult for you to perform prayers regularly in Ramadan if you do not have the habit to do that during normal days. So, it's best to perform them according to their respective times. It will become easier for you to spend the month increasing your blessing.

Eat Healthy

Next important thing is to note what you are eating and in which amount you are having it. You must eat moderately, not too much and not too less. You need to keep your diet and appetite balanced so that you can observe the month efficiently without facing any trouble. You have to limit munching and drinking soft drinks. If a person is habitual of taking junk food in his diet it will become difficult for him or her to observe the fast. You need to take a look on your diet plan and introduce healthy eating to keep your immune system healthy and fit to keep fasts in this month.

Stay Fit

Go on a walk and jog a little. Run a few miles every day and keep yourself fit. In Ramadan, you have to keep yourself energetic and internally strong enough to perform the day chores while being hungry all day until dawn. So, to be able to carry out all the obligations you must stay healthy and perfect.

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