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Dos and Don'ts to Follow for Ramadan

Ramadan is the holy month that is full of blessings and glory. A light of happiness, love and wellbeing follows you filling your entire day with good deeds and positivity. However, it is also when a few of us show the least tolerance towards each other. They must be emphatic at the workplace but they try not to interact and help others as that will drain some part of their energy.

There is a list of things that can help you be a better person, a better observer in the month of Ramadan. Before you begin reading the guide of dos and don’ts to follow in this holy month you must keep one thing in mind. You are not keeping the fast for your family or friends nor to brag how good you are. Instead, it's for you. Read on and get the best of the tips:

Work on Your Level of Patience

You need to be a lot more calmer and patient throughout the day especially when you are fasting. It happens that out of hunger people lose their minds and react over every other thing more aggressively. But that's a thing that is being tested of yours. You have to prove yourself to be better.

Be Good with Others

Secondly, you must help others and give charities this month. So, try to look for opportunities where you can help others and earn more blessings instead of hiding inside your bunker or sleeping through the day.

Do Attend Iftar Parties

There are people who run away from public gatherings and family get together, which you must not avoid. You must invite your close friends and family to iftar dinners. This will enhance harmony and love among all of your relationships. You must attend the dinner and events to stay close to your loved ones. Simply learn to make the most out of this Holy month to earn more blessings. Find opportunities and plan things out for good. You never know whom you come across, maybe a friend or a colleague you have been having on rocks, for a long time. Maybe it’s your chance to break some ice.

Do Offer Prayers

Above all, the most important things are to observe five-time prayer a day. You must make it a habit and bring this change in your routine no matter how busy or consumed you are. By observing the prayer you will get more relaxed and will feel more energetic. Moreover, if you plan your day properly, keeping time out for reciting Quran and offering prayers, you will feel like the days are passing by more quickly. So, make it a habit not for the month but for the entire year.

Don’t Indulge in Quarrels

You need to stay out of unhealthy discussions and quarrels. You need to bring peace to your surroundings. If by your intervention an argument can be settled, go for it. By getting involved in quarrels, you will not only lose your energy but will create a negative and unacceptable effect on your fast. So, stay positive and do good things.

Don’t Indulge in Backbiting

Whether it’s Ramadan or not, backbiting is the least acceptable act. When you are observing fast it must not be in your list of day’s activities. You have to step far away from people who are habitual of doing it as that will motivate you to do the same intentionally or unintentionally. Backbiting is deeply resented and must not be appreciated in this Holy month.

Don’t Look Down Upon Others

If someone is not fasting, do not assume the reasons. If you are observing a fast then do not consider yourself to be the most superior one. What if the person next to you is suffering from some kind of disease that he has been hiding from everybody, which is keeping him away from fasting? So, unless you do not know the ground realities, do not judge your fellow mates.

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