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Mar 4, 2019

Tips for More and Better Family Time

In this fast moving world, people are so absorbed in work that no time is kept aside for family. On the long run this would result in broken relationships as children are getting less attention and personal care and love from their parents. Confused on how to save time for your family and utilize it in the best way? 

Don't worry, FixOnClick has compiled for you a list of ways in which you can spend quality time with your family.

A Meal Together

Ensure that the family has at least one meal of a day together. Best would be a family dinner where you can share all the happenings of the day. This sharing over meals would act as an integral part of communicating with each other and it will also give a sense of belonging and feeling of being loved and listened to.

Bedtime Stories

Parents should spend time reading stories to the children. This will not only improve their creativity and imagination but also strengthens the parent-child bond.

Do Chores Together

Functional family life always depends on the contribution of each member of the family. For example, cooking is not just a work reserved for women; men along with children can do the kitchen activities together as a family. This will be fun and the work would be done in half time.

Helping Hand in School Work

Today's parents are mostly working, thus children are assigned tuition to learn their lessons. Even if you don't have long hours to spend for teaching them, help them with their home works, project and assignments. Give them ideas, some interesting facts and puzzles and always take care to appreciate them on every small deed achieved. This will boost their confidence and will increase the understanding between parents and children.

Gaming Session

The children of the present generation are fascinated by video games. Join them in multiplayer mode on their favorite games and also invite them for a board or card game as you will get additional time to talk and nurture your relationship and you even get to enjoy the video games.

Praying Together

Collective prayers are proved to be beneficial. This will improve family bonding and by understanding the importance of prayer, a child will come to know that a common faith is a foundation of family.

Family Getaway

There is nothing more effective than a family trip that warms the bond between the members. A small outing just to a park would do well. Pack meals if they love homemade food or visit a cozy restaurant and order everybody's favorite food. This builds excitement and enthusiasm in both adults and children.  

Involve the Kids

Find some innovative ways in which you can make children do tiny chores in the house. Invent a family cleanup game and compete with your children to complete it the fastest. This will make them energetic and your work would be done easily.

Plan a Family Night

One night of each week should be exclusively dedicated for family. Keep it scheduled and never let anything fall on that day. Let it be an in-house movie night or a shopping and dine out, it would become a part of the family cycle.

Exercise Together

Get out with your kids, enjoy the weather and go for a walk or for cycling, fishing, hiking etc. Even a family run would be real fun. Fresh air and physical activities are good for everyone.

Share Family Stories

Find time to share stories about your family’s history. Dig out your old photo albums and look through them with your children. Add new pictures to the family collection together and make this a regular activity.

A Strict No Mobile Phone Policy

Set your mobile phone to silent or airplane mode when you are having a meal together. Give your undivided attention to each other. Make everyone realize how important they are to you by listening to them and discussing with them their issues. 

Try to save time and spend it with family. If you require help in hiring handyman or experts for other service, hop on to FixOnClick and choose any household, beauty, maintenance, cleaning and other services that you require wherein you can utilize that time to spend it happily with your family. 

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