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Nature's #10YearsChallenge

The “#10yearchallenge" spread much faster than the wildfire in California. Facebook followers actively shared their picture comparing themselves in 2009 vs 2019 pictures. Where some people excitedly brag their beauty from getting prettier over the decade and flaunt their wrinkle-free eye creams, some were busy taking a look at the dreadful part of nature. 

The trend created buzz on every single social media platform within hours and has indulged millions of active users around the world. Though the purpose was to feed the smart AI algorithms, the attempt has highlighted the dangers nature has been suffering and the outcomes humans have received over this course of time.

From deforestation to impacts of carbon emission to the extinction of many wildlife. As per the records, between in a decade, the Amazon rainforest lost 60,000 square. kilometers of forest cover. As the forest gets wiped off so is the decrease in the amount of oxygen, which eventually results in wildlife extinction just like the orangutan. 

Let’s witness and learn about the drastic changes nature has suffered over this long period of ten years.


Arctic is a polar region, which is present at the northernmost part of the planet earth. It encompasses parts of Alaska (US), Iceland, Greenland (Denmark) and Northern Canada. According to NASA, the Arctic Sea is losing its ice, which is disappearing at a faster rate of 12.8% per decade. This decrease rises the sea level that eventually brings more harm to humans. Global warming is the real instigator of this havoc.

Polar Bear

Hyper-carnivorous Bear or most commonly known as Polar Bear is one of the most iconic species of wildlife. They are largely found within the Arctic Circle. The hideous impact due to the dangerous climatic change can be seen in the image above.

These majestic animals rely on ice as a source of food. They hunt and travel on ice as part of their nature. But as the ice melts at such a fast pace, it makes it difficult for them to travel or to hunt for food. The constant starvation is clearly seen from the image. See how beauty is getting ruined over time. As per the research, the polar bear species are expected to decline around 30% by the year 2050.

Amazon Rain Forest

Amazon Rain Forest or commonly known as Amazonia is one of the most famous forests around the world. The world knows it due to its thick belt of lush green plants and forest. The wildlife it sustains and breeds have fascinated visitors over the centuries. However, as per the transformation seen over the last ten years, the beauty is slowly losing its charm and the time is not far when the great forest will be wiped off from the face of Earth. According to Buzz Feed, around 1.185 billion trees have been cut down in the forest and that deforestation is reportedly increasing at a higher rate.


Scientists and researcher have always warned the people to protect earth from global warming, the release of toxic gases and dumping plastic materials into the sea along them depositing toxic minerals. Nobody lends an ear to all those hazardous warnings until now when the seas are polluted and the forests are slowing diminishing.

Since the start of industrialization, the amount of heat released into the sky was massive enough to disturb the entire climatic change. Now the areas famous for continuous rainfall experiences drought and dryness. Seas known for clear and unpolluted water now are the spot of culminated water. In the region of Ghana, gold mines have turned the crystal clear water into the most polluted sea belt of the world. You can witness the reality in the picture above: This “#10yearchallenge" has truly dug out the most crucial realities of the world. As per the estimation, the gold mining in that region has polluted around 75% of the river.

Temperature Change

As per the report submitted by Business Insider, the year 2018 is by far the hottest year recorded over the centuries. The planet due to all the casualties is getting heated up at the rate of 40%. According to the recent reports, the temperature is risen to about 0.9 degree Celsius since the 19th century. Moreover, out of 18 warmest years, 17 have already occurred since 2001.

With the rise in deforestation, increase in sea level and wiping off of glaciers is becoming common in every corner of the world. The Rhone Glacier seems to have been completely diminished as shown in the picture above.

When the drastic natural calamities were discussed, the professionals stated at the UN climate change summit that:

“Climate change is running faster than we are

and we must catch up sooner rather than later before it is too late.”

“For many, people, regions and even countries this is already a matter of life or death.

We have a collective responsibility to invest in averting global climate chaos."

The advent of the New Year marks the truth about nature and the danger living beings are inducing. The rapid industrialization, increasing advancement in technology and the use of heavy machinery, on one hand, is bringing ease and convenience while on the other hand leaving some unaltered dangers on nature.

Considering the long list of facts about the havoc that humans have done so far the trend should now be changed to being called as #ActOnClimate. Maybe in this way, it will become easier to spread awareness and to protect the world from the dangers.

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