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One-stop for your Tiffin Services, Henna Artist & Beautician at Home in Dubai

Personal Services

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FixOnClick Provides Top Personal Service Professionals in UAE

Personal Services

FixOnClick runs on a simple rule that has a powerful impact on its customers. We always give people more than what they expect to receive. More often than not, we go out of our way to bring comfort in your life for your betterment. FixOnClick has always prioritized its customer needs before everything else. 

Tiffin Services

When we’re hustling and bustling around the city, we tend to forget to pack a simple box of lunch for ourselves. Because time is money and we compromise our time at the cost of our health. FixOnClick is here to provide you with Tiffin Services at home, Tiffin Services at Offices, Tiffin Services at Hospitals, Tiffin Services at Construction Sites, Tiffin Services at schools, you name it! We bring you your breakfast, lunch or dinner packed with delicious food at good prices to any location in Dubai. Isn't that great?

Mobile Repair Services

Good Mobile Repair Services in Dubai are pretty hard to find. To have good Mobile Repair Services right to your location is even harder. If you are outside or even at home and your mobile suddenly crashes, it leaves you in a panic. Because we rely so much on our tiny devices with all the important tasks that it’s impossible for us to spend the entire day without it. FixOnClick brings Mobile Repair Services to your desired locations anywhere in Dubai.  

Henna Artist at Home Services 

Planning on a traditional wedding but don’t know where to appoint a skilled Henna Tattoo Artist in Dubai from? Or simply going to attend a traditional wedding with the desire to have your hands decorated with intricate designs? Celebratory Eid functions? Or a simple need to make your hands look pretty? Well, we’re happy to inform you that you won’t have to look further for Henna Artist Services. From traditional Henna Designs to Modern Henna Designs, we bring you a variety of Henna Artists to your home from all across Dubai. 

Babysitter and Nanny Services

FixOnClick also provides a variety of skilled Babysitters and skilled Nanny Services in Dubai right to your doorstep. We are partnered with Professionally Trained Nannies Services Providers that are more than capable of taking care of your child/children needs. 

Pet Services 

Pets are cute as long as they look neat. As a pet owner, one must realize that maintaining and grooming your pet is important. FixOnClick is here to provide you with all sorts of amazing Pet Services in Dubai such as grooming your pet, cleaning your pet, bathing your pet and even feeding your pet. We bring in Professionally Trained care-takers to handle your pet with the utmost care and love and groom them according to your needs.

Choose FixOnClick 

We make sure to give our customers an exceptional experience every time. So that when they are in need, FixOnClick is the first thing that pops into their mind! What are you waiting for? Try out any of our Personal Services in Dubai and receive satisfactory results with the first-hand experience.