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Easy Fit

Fitness Trainer Company

DAMAC Smart Heights - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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About Easy Fit

JUST 20 MINUTES ONCE A WEEK TO BE FIT WITH EMS DUBAI Yes, that is all it takes for a healthy lifestyle and to be fit! With our special training we can achieve a fit body in the fastest possible way. If you have problems with your time, and you want to loose weight, or build muscles, EASY FIT is the solution. In just 20 minutes more than 38.000 contraction will occur, wich is multiple times more than average muscle activity in the gym. It’s simple, 20 minutes weekly with EASY FIT equals more than 3 hours in a gym! When you are training with us, the dreams of a perfect body are attainable by everybody. EASY FIT Dubai combines the modern technology and scientific facts with electrical muscle stimulation(EMS), in this way you can rich to your best top shape in fastest possible way.

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