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Melrish photos and events

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Al Abraj Street - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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About Melrish photos and events

Hola! We are Arish+Melon – Dubai wedding photographer and cinematographer! Along with our team of creative individuals, our goal is to save the world from boring wedding photos and videos. We don’t want to just give you photos and videos. We want to give you works of art, images that will make you skip a heartbeat or take your breathe away. We want to give you videos that will make you cry happy tears or make you fall in all over again. We want to tell your story in a way that will transcend time and make anyone who sees the images and videos feel that they were with you at the wedding, celebrating and sharing your joy. We pour our hearts and soul to make each wedding a masterpiece because this is your once-in-a-lifetime, your ever-after…and we are the lucky ones to take the front seat. How do we do this? With years of training in a Ninja Academy, we shoot from the shadows and be unobtrusive as much as possible. We want to capture the real you, the real emotions…So yeah, we are part time ninjas too. 🙂 We want to someday equate “melrish” to the “art of storytelling” like “origami” to “art of paper folding”. Maybe a few more decades and then we will reach our goal…one wedding at a time. So how did we get into this wedding story-telling gig? When Arish + Melon got married back in 2008, they booked photographers blindly without getting to know them first. “Touch her chin.” “Stroke your gown while lying on the bed beside it.” “Trust us, this will look good in photos and video.” Unfortunately, fact is, if you don’t feel natural doing it, it will never look good in photos and videos. They ended up with very posed shots and no real moments captured on their wedding day. Looking back on that experience, they decided none of their couples should experience the same. Each couple has a unique love story and personal wedding stories. Our team intends to tell that story in a way that each image and video delivered is personal and timeless. We treat each image as a piece of art and we continue to strive to improve the art of storytelling.