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Cosmic Vision

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Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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About Cosmic Vision

Being a life coach is not only a profession but a fascinating way of life for Sandeep. It is his passion in life to help people envision their goals & for him to guide them accordingly, thereby enabling them to take decisions & create a more balanced, fulfilling life for themselves. Life coaching cannot & should not be confused with mentoring or counseling. It is simply a path where specific issues related to an individuals personal or professional life are addressed by discussing what is the current state of affairs, the obstacles that are present & choosing a course of action that will help get the individual beyond those obstacles on to the right path chosen. It is an alliance between 2 individuals where the coach can help the coachee live their dreams and be the best they can be…You just have to be ready to embrace life and all the goodness nature has to offer you with all your being. Sandeep has effectively helped scores of individuals get through stressful times in their lives that were caused due to Compatibility issues, Failure in relationships, Monetary issues, Family concerns, Professional blocks etc. by following the 3 basic steps of life coaching: Identifying the source of stress, Accepting responsibility, & acknowledging the way stress is dealt with currently is causing more harm than help. It is then that his unique technique shines as he helps individuals focus on what makes them feel calm & more in control. It is imperative that a deep connection is made between the mind & soul so they can take decisions that are well thought through & balanced. Only once this is achieved, can one progress towards achieving the goals by making real & positive changes in ones lives. Lots of people call him “ A Change Facilitator” ‘or a “ Change Catalyst” For Sandeep, Life coaching guidance is also practiced by first guiding the individual to come in terms with themselves. This is achieved by Yoga, Meditation, Aromatherapy & also by the help of practicing the age old art of Vastu & Feng Shui in the surroundings of one’s home/ workplace to get the maximum benefit.