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Services excellence

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Jumeirah - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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About Services excellence

My Middle East – and therefore training experience – started at the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi on Saadiyat Island, where I was part of the pre-opening team. The hotel was a construction site when I arrived, and we had a few months left before the opening of this wonderful property. The closer the opening date came the more people joined the Food & Beverage department which I looked after along with my mentor and manager. People joined our team from all over the world and demonstrated various levels of experience and knowledge. Some knew the difference between lobster and prawns, some even tried them before, some had no idea. In an ideal world, we would have asked the chefs to heat up their pans and fry up a few things to try – we did, however, have no gas to cook and I was looking for other ways to share our knowledge with the new joiners. I went online, found a few pictures and did my best to share what I knew with the motivated crowd of future food runners, order takers and supervisors. Their appreciation, immediate understanding and the hunger for more knowledge motivated me to help them even more and get into what today is known to me as ” people development and training”. The idea of Servicexcellence was born. It did not take long for me to pack everything I had, to get myself certified as a group trainer and coach and to join a local five-star property in Dubai, where I had the chance to develop my facilitation skills within a familiar environment, and met my husband on the first day of work. It was a wonderful experience, and I am still connected with my former colleagues and management today. Developing my skills in an environment of trust, passion and constant challenges enabled me to move into a business consulting role and global training experience a few years later. Why Servicexcellence? Being in Dubai, one can get pretty overwhelmed with the choices of restaurants and hotels and, I, therefore, decided to create an online diary for myself to keep track of the places I liked and the ones to avoid in the future. It was not long until I received a message from someone, thanking me for sharing my experience. Servicexcellence – The Blog was created. Blogging became a passion of mine and Servicexcellence became known as a mystery shopping consultancy in Dubai. No one knew who was the face behind the name for more than five years. My ”real life”, as I call it – the role as a business consultant and trainer took me all around the country and fulfilled my life until 2016 until we received a request from a ”client” who was looking for a customized training program for five of his supervisors. The company I worked for back then was not able to customize programs in the way the client and I pictured them and turned down the client due to a minimum number of twelve participants. This, alongside personal reasons, changed everything for me. This was the day when I handed in my letter of resignation and started off Servicexcellence – Business Consulting and Development. Training and development programs to me, need to be customized, designed according to current and future needs and needs to answer the WIFM (what is in it for me) for all stakeholders involved. Today we call our clients, business partners and we mean it. We identify, create and design, develop and measure the effectiveness of our programs. We are known for our motivational workshops, the impact our team has on partners’ progress and our approach to supporting individuals and organizations through continuous development. We worked with more than 1,200 people within the first year of operation, delivered workshops in three different continents with an average satisfaction rate of 96%.The team and I believe that service and excellence should be interconnected and that ”service” does not only apply to one particular industry. Service and especially excellent service became the standard today, and companies in any industry struggle with producing ”new, and exciting” products today. There is a surplus of everything and only little room for organizations to stand out. It is down to your people’s attitude, skills, and knowledge to make a difference in your customers’ eyes. This is why we call ourselves: SERVICEXCELLENCE. By providing customized training and development workshops, Servicexcellence – Business Consulting and Development offers unique tools to get the most out of your teams. The durations of our programs are 3 hours up to a total of 5 days and can be delivered indoors as well as outdoors; our workshops are tailor – made to meet your objectives and availability. The more love, appreciation, and passion you share with people, the better results you will receive in return.” We are grateful to be able to share our passion with others and we are thankful for being able to do what we love.” Thank you for sharing your time with me today, Sofie from Servicexcellence – BE PART OF IT