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One of the main challenges when implementing CRM or making changes to your existing CRM processes or tools is user adoption. So what is the magical recipe to get around this common problem? To increase your user adoption with your current CRM platform or if you are looking at a new / changing your platform, you need these three legs to stand on: Strategy User involvement Carrot/Stick So, what the @&% does this mean? Let’s have a look at each of the three legs Leg number one: STRATEGY When talking about CRM strategy you need to carefully look at what you are looking to achieve with CRM, don’t just “get one because you should have one”. You might have heard of the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Timebound) acronym, which can be applied here to good effect. For any project, and for CRM projects especially, don’t bite off more than you can chew; aim for an initial phase limited to some (all if you can fit them in) of your biggest pain points. Define your pain points as tightly as possible, along the lines of “By end of July our lead to opportunity conversion time needs to be below 2 days on average. This will be done through workshops to define what to measure in order to understand what the bottlenecks are”. Leg number two: USER INVOLVEMENT So, with our brilliant strategy outlined above, we need to involve the appropriate users. Appropriate in terms of which users have the most impact on our achieving the goal set out in the strategy. This could include sales team managers, sales people, telemarketers etc. Don’t be afraid to involve “the little people”, they are the ones we need to deliver the “what’s in it for me” factor to! Leg number three: CARROT / STICK Carrots are much tastier than sticks, we all know that. So, how can we make reaching our goals that we set out together with our users as, we did not impose these goals, which is a very important difference. A buzz word flying around lately in all sorts of contexts is GAMIFICATION, now what the @&% is that? Gamification can be used very effectively in a sales or customer service environment, wherein you create tough but achievable goals for your team, and then devise a clever way of scoring activities, sales numbers, number of calls or whatever it is we want to measure and incentivise. Instead of a big whiteboard in the middle of the office with sales quotas and a bell you ring every time you bring in some business á la 1989, there are platforms available to bring healthy competition into the 21st century.

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